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Key to Success in Sports: Fully Commit to Each Step

To be successful in sports you need to take it one step at a time

Success in sports comes down to where you focus is and how committed are you. There are a lot of things in the world that are out of your control, that cause discomfort, pain, and uncertainty. These factors are usually what cause athletes to quit, lose motivation and not reach their full potential. A lot of the time things can seem overwhelming as we focus on too many things at once, or focus on trying to take 5 steps instead of just one. We know that in order for one to reach their vision, to accomplish a goal or at least get close to it, and to be able to deal with all the emotions and uncertainty that comes up, we need to fully focus on commit to each step.

For a number of reasons athletes don’t fully focus and commit to each step. They think there is something more important they should be doing, they are distracted, worrying, overthinking or thinking of the end. If you were thinking of climbing Mount Everest you would need a good plan but also the ability to focus on one step at a time. It is such a dangerous place, and one where each step matters, each step is important. It is this mindset that all athletes need to take with their day to day activities understanding that each step is a piece to the overall puzzle and if you are not fully committed to each step it negatively impacts your overall performance and results.

How to Focus and Commit to Each Step

One way that we can help with focusing on each step and committing to it is by setting an intention prior to the task. Looking at how do we want to be during this task. How do we want to be physically, mentally and emotionally. Then it is important to visualize implementing the intentions you have set. This process brings our focus fully to what we are about to do, and really creating the framework we want and paying attention to what we need to do to get the most out of it. Then you just have to let go and trust yourself, and be present and allow things to unfold as they do.

Final Thoughts

So make sure you see where you want to go, the vision you have, but then bring yourself back to the here and now and fully focus and commit to the next step no matter how big or small. Each step and task matters, whether that is your recovery, sleep, eating, meditation or doing a simple drill. Each aspect reflects how your overall performance will go.

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