• Kate Allgood

Ignite the fire within

Ignite the fire within is about the role coaches play. Whatever type of coach(s) you are working with, their job is not to just give you information, their job is to help ignite the fire within you. So that you begin to take a strong interest in your own development. The most successful people have chosen to develop themselves, and have found what they need to ignite the fire within them to motivate them to do what is necessary to get to where they want to go. If you are waiting for someone to give you the answer or to look to them to be the one that will get you to where you want to go, you are looking in the wrong place.


Coaches are there to help guide, direct and give tools to those they work with. It is not their job to give all the answers or to do it for the person they are working with. That is the role of a consultant, and sometimes that is needed, however, a coach is helping to pull what is within you out. It is up to you to find the fire and ignite it. One of the reasons this is important because first, you need to be motivated for your own reasons not for anyone else and second, this is a journey, and you need to focus on the process more then the results, and igniting the fire is helping you to find the process, because those who are most concerned with their own overall develop are the ones who excel. When you look for a coach know that the best are those who ignite the fire within, and don’t just look to fill the pail full of information.

To your success,