• Kate Allgood

How young is too young to start mental skills training?

I often get asked how young is too young to start mental skills training? The maturity of the client is an important factor for an athlete to get the full benefits of the work. The youngest I generally start is 10 years old, with some very mature 9 year olds being ready from time to time. Some people might think that 10 years old is very young to be starting, but how young do most athletes start getting private lessons for the technical and tactical aspects of their sport? The sooner an athlete learns the basics of sport psychology and begins to implement them into their routine and sees them as normal aspects of needing to thrive and succeed the better they will be off and potential stop anything on a bigger scale happening later down the road.


While 10 year olds are often mature enough to start the process I have found that on the young end usually 12-13 year olds are a great place to start. There is obviously a bit more mental maturity and yet they are still young and at a great age to learn some skills for not only their sport but also life. I have had some 13 year olds get the concepts better then some of the 17 and 18 year olds I have worked with. Don’t get me wrong some clients I have worked with at that age have gotten great results. The bottom line is how ready is the client to learn new things and be open minded to the fact that the way they do things or view things might need to be changed in order for them to get passed something or simply to move to the next level in their performance.

Bottom line each individual is different and the age of the client is not so much the determining factor as the maturity that they have and the ability to grasp new concepts and implement them. For the younger kids it is often a slower process but sometimes they can get it faster then the adults I work with because they are less set in their ways of viewing the world. If you are curious as to whether or not your kid is at a good age to start, best thing to do is sign up for a free consultation.

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