• Kate Allgood

How to work with a sport psychologist

The process for working with Quantum Performance

Often people wonder how they can work with a sport psychologist. In this weeks blog I wanted to take the time to go over what it looks like to start the process for potentially working with me. I am the founder and sport psychology consultant for Quantum Performance. Every company and business is different with how they operate, so I wanted to address my approach. When someone reaches out to me it is usually looking to get help with performing at their best or to deal with an issue that has started. Regardless of the starting reason the process looks pretty similar.

During the initial consultation it is an opportunity for the prospective client to ask questions, go over what has been happening and what they are looking for out of the work we would do together. I will go over how I can help, and the different initial programs that are available to the client and find the right fit for them.

Step 2: During the initial consultation if someone is ready to move forward we find the best program for them out of the 4 I have created. I created the programs based around years of working with clients and finding that they fall into one of four areas. Each program has an element of flexibility that still allows them to be customized to each clients needs if necessary. The programs start from just an assessment of the client and what their mental strengths and limitations are. In essence providing them with information they would not otherwise have that will allow them to make changes. Then my most intense program is a four month one on one coaching program. This is for those really ready to make change and who know it takes some time and this will provide them the best ability to reach their goals. Then I have a couple programs in between. Each program increases slightly with time spent with me and cost, but it is also designed that the longer term programs are more cost effective per week as I waive the assessment fee for the longer term programs.

Step 3: Once a program begins depending on the program the approach will differ. However, each program does include TAIS the most sophisticated assessment of its kind, that allows me to know where we need to start for each person, and the source of the issues they are dealing with or how to help them build their mental toughness and strength.

Step 4: Once an initial program is finished, we sit back down and figure out a custom maintenance program for the next 2-3 months. This is when it becomes very customized to each person and their needs. We then repeat this after each time, always monitoring and figuring out what is best for them. Usually after a while a rhythm is found that works for a while.

That is the general process of what it looks like to start working with me and how things will look proceeding forward. As mentioned an initial consultation is there to answer specific questions that each person has. Contact me now to set up an initial consultation.