• Kate Allgood

How to stay at the top of your sport

Staying at the top of your sport

It is difficult to get to the top, but it is even more difficult to get there and stay there. Today I want to talk about how to stay at the top of your sport once you have gotten there, because the hard work has just begun. When you look at athletes who have maintained an ability to stay at the top of there sport and have a long successful career, there is one thing that they will all say is a major key to making it happen. Yes hard work is important and you have to constantly fine tune and change your approach to keep up to the changing demands that are placed upon you and how the sport evolves and new young athletes start to come in. However the biggest key is embracing every element of being a top athlete. Loving the process, loving going to practice each day, doing all the little things in and around your performance and sport that are necessary, and not only doing them but enjoying them. In essence enjoying the lifestyle of being an athlete in your sport. 

I see a lot of athletes who don’t love everything that they need to do in order to be good. They tolerate it, and they don’t feel it is something they should have to do all the time. They don’t love the lifestyle, and it really is a lifestyle. As I have said in previous blogs, in order to be successful you need to be able live a life that enhances your on field performance. You have to be a 24 hour player. Someone who does everything to be better. That may even mean rest and relaxation. Most athletes when they are about to retire after a lengthy career will usually say the biggest thing they will miss is the routines and life that they led as an athlete. It is usually very structured and routined, but they thrive in that environment and situation. It is one of the only ways to still have fun and be passionate about what you are doing after 15+ years doing something. So learn to enjoy every part of the life that you have as an athlete , it will help you get and stay at the top of your sport.