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How to Overcome Obstacles in your Sport – mental skills

Best Methods to Overcome Obstacles in your Sport

Obstacles will occur this is a guarantee, so it is important to face them head on and find ways to overcome obstacles in your sport. There are two techniques that I am going to describe here to help with dealing with obstacles and finding ways to be able to not let them get your off track from what you are trying to achieve.

Mental Contrasting

Mental contrasting is about looking at your expectations to be able to over come an obstacle. The process is relatively simple but can have profound results in increasing the energy you need to overcome an obstacle and make sure you are on the right track. So here is how it works. You first look at your vision, where you want to end up. Then you look at what obstacles right here and right now, within you and within your situation could get in the way from allowing you to reach your vision. You have to be real and honest with yourself. Looking at things like are you getting the sleep you need, eating in the manner in which you need and know how to manage your emotions.

Then when you identify the obstacles you then look at your expectations for being able to overcome them. If your expectations are high then you up the energy you will have to help you overcome them. This is important, as dealing with obstacles requires a lot of energy. There will be a lot of tough moments, and you need that energy to help deal with them.

Implementation Intentions

Second part to the equation, is once you have identified that you have high expectations to overcome the obstacles, it is then about making a plan. On a side note if you don’t have high expectations to overcome the obstacle then you need to rethink the path you are on. Making a plan is a simple as creating an if..then statement. If is the obstacle and the then part is creating the plan. For example. If I am getting really angry and it is distracting me then I will take some deep breaths, and look to refocus my attention on things I can control. This is important because when we create the if..then statement and write it out we create a form of a blueprint in our mind that will allow us to more easily implement the plan in a moment when we need to.


So in conclusion, we need to both identify the obstacles, make sure we have high expectations to overcome them and then make a plan around them so we have a go to in the moment when we need it.

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