• Kate Allgood

How to motivate people: Creating consistent drive for high performance

What language to use to help with motivation

How to motivate people, whether within yourself or within others, comes from a way of thinking, from specific types of words, and from tapping into what’s known as primal cue psychology, a deep form of motivation that can help ignite and sustain what is needed.

Later on in her research Dr. Dweck also noticed that when the same test was given again those praised for effort did better and those praised for intelligence did worse then their original score. When we praise based off of intelligence or skill or talent, we can actually cause someone to become less motivated, seen through not giving as much effort as those praised for effort.

So it is very important then when you speak to yourself or others that you focus on targeting effort, this will increase motivation, help with digging deep when things get tough and ultimately will aid in getting better results.

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