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How to improve in my sport when there are no practice and competitions?

Dealing with the extended hiatus in your sport

For so many of you out there you are unexpectedly without formal practices, training and competitions. The world of sports has come to pretty much a complete stop, in many parts of the world. There is so much uncertainty and things out of your control. At some point things will resume, we just don’t know when. For everyone first and foremost it is about the safety and health of your family. It is also important thought to find ways to gain back some control and make sure you are still developing, growing and becoming a better person and athlete during this time, so you are as ready as possible for when you get back at it. This is my first post on this topic, and there will be more to come on things you can do during this time. It is important to look for the opportunity this provides many of you. To invest and develop a part of yourself that you otherwise might not. To create habits that will benefit you far beyond this time period. So here are a few initial things to start to look to do.

Things you can do to help you

1.Visualization: Imagery is so powerful, and I have mentioned this numerous times in other posts. The mind does not know the difference between what you vividly imagine and what you physically do. Think about that for a moment. Many of you can not physically practice in the manner in which you are used to. However, you can do the mental reps. You can visualize practicing and performing in the same manner in which you usually would. You can still get those reps in. It will just be in a different way. This will also help you develop this important skill, and make it so when you do get back to physically performing you now have the added benefit of a more skilled mental imagery practice.

2. Mindfulness: I have also talked about this a lot in other posts. Mindfulness is so important, even more so now, as it can greatly help with dealing with the emotions and thoughts that will come up during this time. It is also a great time to create a good mindfulness practice that will continue once you are back at it. One of the things for many people that stops them is time, now you have time, it is up to you to choose how you use that time. Do you take advantage of it or not. If you want help with this, I am offering a 6 week mindfulness program free, just send me an email If you want a more in depth practice or guidance, ask about our more intense programs available.

3. NeuroTracker: This is like weight lifting for the mind. It helps develop a person focus, and to train it to be better. Again one  of the things that many people find hard with doing this is time, that no longer is an issue. If you want to develop your mind, and focus this is a great place to start. For many of you this will be a great thing to do, because you will see progress, with scores and other factors. This option definitely gives you more feedback on your progress then visualization and mindfulness which is more subtle. If you would like to learn more please reach out and we can look to get you set up for an at home program.

Stay safe and healthy!


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