• Kate Allgood

How to have success in sports in 2016

To have success in sports in this New Year there are some key factors that come into play. Many people look at the turning of the calendar from one year to another as an opportunity to start anew and change how things were from the year before. No matter what your goals are for 2016 there is one step that you must take in order to help make each day, week, month and this year one of your best yet! 

We all know that how we start our day is usually how the day will go. If we happen to be in a good mood as we wake up or there is something to look forward to we start the day in a positive mood, and the day tends to follow that path. However, we also know that when we wake up and there is something we do not look forward to or something happens like we stub our toe right off the bat, the rest of the day seems to follow this negative theme. Given that our mornings have such an impact on the rest of the day if we can create positive mornings with strong intentions, our days will be filled more with positive outcomes, which will lead to positive weeks and a positive year. So how do you start your day off in the right way?

new years intentions

Well there is no set way you need to start your day but I am going to share with you some tips on how you can start your day off right. I call it the MAGIC morning and while I have been sharing many of these strategies with clients for years, finally put a name to it recently after reading the book Miracle Morning, which if you haven’t read yet, I would highly recommend. Now depending on how much time you have to dedicate to your MAGIC morning each of the following things can be done at different length. I give myself about 45-60mins to do it all, and on the mornings I have no real time I can get it done in about 10mins. So what is the MAGIC morning you ask, well here it is.





Creative writing (or journaling, I call it creative writing because it could create the C I needed!)  

Meditation is simply creating time to be with yourself in silence, this can take any form you want, but just sitting in silence with your breath is important. Affirmations are positive statements to help us create the new reality we want. It is not enough just to say the affirmations we also must feel and believe what we are saying. An example of a positive affirmation for an athlete wanting to make quicker decisions would be “I make quick and accurate decisions even under the most intense pressure.” Gratitude is feeling what we are thankful for. It has been shown that those who spend time feeling gratitude and using it in times of fear, usually are happier and move towards where they are wanting to go with greater ease. Imagery, is imaging yourself in your sport doing the things you want to do, scoring goals, defending or even just imagining how you want your day to go. Creative writing, is spending a few moments making some notes about how you feel, what happened the day before or what you are looking forward to. It gives you space to get your thoughts out of your head. 

Give it a try and let me know how it goes! Any questions feel free to email me at