• Kate Allgood

How to Get Into the Zone: The 3 External Triggers of Flow

How to Get Into the Zone

We all want to get into the zone more frequently. I have talked about the zone in past posts and in this post we will talk about the external triggers that help us drop into this state. Every trigger is centered around the fact that it helps to pull us into the present moment. So no matter what it is that you do, the more you are in the present moment the more likely you will drop into this state.

3 External Triggers of Flow

1.Risk: It is necessary for there to be some form of risk. When there is risk we are more alert and present to our surroundings. This does not need to be physical risk, it can be social risk or emotional risk. We have to be willing to fail, to fall on our faces or to look foolish at times in order to reach peak performance.

2. Rich Environment: This is about uncertainty and complexity. The more uncertain something is the more we are forced to pay attention. Drive or walk home a different way then you usually do and you will see what uncertainty does to our focus. People often try too hard to predict what is going to happen, which robes us of the present moment but also of being able to get into a peak performance and let things unfold and trust our abilities.

3. Deep Embodiment: This is about pulling our bodies into the experience. 50 percent of our nerves come through our hands, face and feet. The more we involve those things the more we are present in the moment and into what we are doing. Athletes tend to naturally have this occur.