• Kate Allgood

How to get an edge: The next big things in sports training 

How to get an edge over the competition in your sport

How to get an edge? Every athlete is trying to find the answer to this question. Most of the time this takes them into the areas that are below the neck, finding marginal gains, in physical training, sport science, and nutrition. When you look at the best athletes in the world, they all have access to some of the best resources for training their body, and their craft. What is going on between the ears, however, is still a growing field, and while some sports, such as baseball are putting more emphasis on this area, there is still a lot of sports and professional teams that do not. They focus very little on the mental side to the equation. It is no surprise than that this is the area that will give athletes an edge over their competition, and where some of the next big things in sports training come from. 

I see being your best get broken down into 5 pillars.

  1. Mental skills

  2. Mindfulness

  3. Psychological framework

  4. Self discovery

  5. Recovery (both physical and mental)

The next two big things come from the pillars of mental skills and Mindfulness. So what are they? Here are two things that if you start to look and really spend some time diving into and training will help to separate you from the rest.

1.Cognitive Sports Training – This is still a growing field and while some research has been done more is still needed. Saying that it is quickly becoming an area where those who are the best and forward thinking know this is an important part to the equation. We are at a time in history where we have the technology to train our mind like the body and to measure it. To learn more check out the page for NeuroTracker which is the program I have implemented with my clients. The great thing about NeuroTracker is it can be done remotely only needing a iPad or computer and internet connection, and take no more than 5 mins a day.

2. Mindfulness – It is one of the pillars and has been around for a very long time. However, it is an area that many are unsure of or think is too out there. Mindfulness is simply a level of awareness and the ability to be in the present moment without judgement. For all athletes the magic happens when they are fully present in a moment. Mindfulness is also the thread that runs through the other pillars and so it is exceptionally important. While it has been around a while, those that embrace and train this area are the ones that will slowly pull away from the rest. Learn more about mindfulness.

So there you have it, these two areas are going to be the difference between those who make it and thrive and those who are left behind. If you want to get an edge and beat the competition you need to start seriously looking at how you train your mental game.