• Kate Allgood

How to Develop Laser Like Focus

Develop Laser Like Focus: A key to getting into the zone

Focus is such an important part of being able to perform to your highest level. You can have all the technical, tactical or physical skill sets down but if you are not focused on the right thing at the right moment you will under perform. Learning to focus in the most effective way possible is a skill set that can be learned. Just like any other skill set you can learn how to get better with your focus so you have it when you need it most.

There are a few ways to develop laser like focus. One is mindfulness. Mindfulness training is one of the best ways to develop and train focus. It can definitely be hard for some athletes to do mindfulness training because it doesn’t always feel like anything is happening, and athletes are used to seeing immediate feedback or results. However, it is something that for those looking to really get good, you need to start to implement. Mindfulness is not just about meditation, there are a number of different ways to practice mindfulness, and finding one that suites you will be easier than it might seem.

Another area that you can look at to develop focus is in cognitive sports training. We are at a time in history where we have the technology to be able to monitor and track what we are doing with developing the mind, and there are certain programs and software out there designed to specifically help with training focus and the mind. One of those is called NeuroTracker, which is a program I use with my clients, and while there are more out there, I have found this to be one that most of my clients like and are able to do, and still find challenging.

Other ways that you can develop focus include things like juggling. I like juggling because it requires you to be focused on the task at had fully and helps to develop a relaxed concentration state of focus, which is similar to what exists when we get into the zone. You can also practice developing your focus through selective attention of various stimulation. For example, read or play a video game with music on, and try and get so focused on reading or playing the game that the music fades into the background. Then bring your focus back out so that you take in both stimulation. The better you get the more stimulation you can add, such as tv on, music and reading.