• Kate Allgood

How to create consistent top performances in your sport


A couple weeks ago I sat down with a good friend of mine. While our time together is often brief I always walk away with a new piece of information or new way of looking at things that is impactful. This time was no different and I want to share with you the biggest thing I got out of it, relating to how to create consistent top performances in your sport.

I work with athletes from all around the world on helping them perform at their best on a consistent basis through working with the mind. I believe the mind is very powerful and if we can harness it in the proper way it gives us the ability to accomplish amazing things!

One of the things I work on with my clients is understanding and becoming aware of the things they do and how they relate to their level of performance. The key is to connecting our good performances with certain behaviors and connecting our poor performances with certain behaviors. What I got out of my time with my friend is looking at this in a way that will help make it easier to connect.

Traffic Lights 

Think of your good performances as green on a traffic light, this is when things are clicking and flowing. Think of performing okay, but not at your best as yellow. Finally, think of when you are in a really bad place with your performance as red. You want to be able to stay in the green most of the time, and being able to get back to green fast once you start to slip into the yellow.

In order to be able to do this 3 things need to happen

1. Become aware and conscious of what you do when you are in the green. Tie certain behaviors as small as they may be to top performance. Example: meditating, working out, eating healthy, making checklists, etc. Then do the same with yellow and red. Write it out, see clearly the connection between behavior and performance.

2. Stay focused on doing the things that keep you in the green. When you start to slip to yellow, focus on the behaviors that connect to green, this will help pull you back faster to where you want to be.

3. Consistency. Being consistent is key. The things that will help you be great are small in nature but when done repetitively they make a big difference. Most people stop doing what got them in the green once there, thinking they don’t need to do them anymore. Even when you’re in the green you must continue to behave in the ways that got you there.