• Kate Allgood

How Sleep improves sports performance

Sleep and sports performance

As most athletes know sleep is very important for their performance and yet most athletes still don’t get enough sleep. Sleep is the time when the battery is charged, so that you can go out there and perform or train at a high level day in and day out. Sleep is important for repairing the body, letting it heal and rest. It is also though very important for focus, controlling emotions, dealing with stress, refocus, time management and reaction time. If you think about it, when you don’t get a good amount of sleep you are tired, less focused, moody, your ability to manage your time decreases because it starts taking you longer to do something than it other wise would.

Sports performance also comes down to focus, refocus and dealing with stress. You need sleep in order to do all three, if you don’t then your skills for all three things goes down and so to will your performance. Watch the video below to find out more about sleep and sports performance.