• Kate Allgood

How preparation leads to improved athletic performance

Athletic performance and the need to prepare

Being successful in athletics comes down to how prepared you are for your performance. Preparation is key to success and how you will not only perform but also handle the unexpected. I get two different forms of athletes in my practice when it comes to preparation, either they are overly prepared or under prepared. Both can have negative impact on an athletes performance. When you are over prepared you think way too much, and sometimes can get to the place where you had a plan and then you start second guessing it, maybe even changing it. We need to trust our plan in order to be successful, and if we start changing it at the last moment we will get ourselves into trouble.

Preparation is important not just for planning for how you want things to go and to have a road map but is also very important for looking at how things can go wrong and what your plan B will be. There is a time in place for this. Obviously I don’t want an athlete to over think the negative possibilities but you do need to think of them for a short period of time, come up with a game plan and then let them go. The reason for this is it becomes easier to rebound from something in the moment of competition if you already have a game plan in place. If you are in your competition and you don’t have a game plan you then have to try and think of one in the moment which never really works out. So think about how prepared you are for each competition. Do you do your homework before hand to map out your performance and possible setbacks that you might have to over come?

When you prepare for the unpredictable and the unplanned you set yourself up for success.