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How Long Will It Take to Get Results from Mental Skills Training?

5 things you can do to get faster results  

Everyone usually asks the question at some point about how long it will take to take results from mental skills training, and of course as everyone knows, it is different for each person for a number of factors. However, there are certain things that I have seen over my time working with people looking to improve their mental performance that helps to speed the process along.

1. Commitment: If the person is committed to change and has an open mind to the methods and strategies that are suggested and implemented than these individuals usually start to see results faster and more pronounced than those who are on the fence or have difficulty broadening their perspective of things. A person also needs to be committed to doing the work outside of sessions. Most of the work is done away from appointments, as it is about implementing things into your everyday life, and those who do so and are committed to keeping it up see things change faster than those that don’

2. Attitude: As they say attitude is everything and it is no different with improving mental performance. The clients I have worked with who come in and look forward to meeting, knowing how it is going to help them see results pretty fast, compared to those who might see it more as something that gets in the way of something else. I can always tell when someone walks in and they are ready to get down to work, the process moves very smoothly and quickly.

3. Being prepared: The clients I see who come in and have thought about what they want to talk about, always see rapid improvement. I believe this is because them thinking about what they want to talk about, forces them to think of the areas they truly want to improve and that helps them tremendously with taking the necessary steps to get there.

4. Understanding it is a process: Change does not happen over night, and those who understand that the pursuit of excellence takes time, persistency and commitment, are the ones who see the results faster, which then fuels them to keep going. The clients I see who get discouraged after a couple weeks because they don’t see any major changes, are the ones who fail to see the small significant changes that will result in the bigger changes down the road. These clients usually don’t last very long, as they are looking for instant results not understanding it is a journey. Those who understand this, see the results and quickly get down to a more maintenance schedule for seeing me.

5. Enjoy the process: This goes hand in hand with #4. If someone can simply enjoy the process and not think so much about the end destination, before they know it they have reached the end destination. Those that are constantly focused on the end result, continually get frustrated that they are not there which pulls them away from what they could be doing to get there and thus prolongs the process.

Saying all this, the programs I have designed are created so that someone does see results quickly if they do the five things mentioned above. The ultimate results comes down to the person. I have seen people get some form of results almost instantaneously, and others it takes a while. This is due to a number of factors including the ones mentioned earlier as well as other factors going on in their life, age, maturity and readiness to make a change in their life. So while it is a hard question to answer, the possibility of seeing some form of results within the first month is possible, but it also needs to be understood that continuing to develop is a life long process.

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