• Kate Allgood

How high do you bounce after falling?

How high do you bounce after falling? As humans we all make mistakes, we all fail at some point. Learning to bounce back from failing or making mistakes is a skill that can be developed. It has been shown that those who go through the greatest struggles at a young age often become the most successful because they learned how to overcome obstacles from a young age. They learned what it takes to get through things, and they learned it is not the end of the world, and you often come out stronger and better because of it.

Everyone seems to know on some conscious level that they will make mistakes and fail from time to time, but truly struggle with it when it actually occurs. Failure and making mistakes is actually a requirement for success. Those who make more mistakes often reach their goal more quickly. It is not pretty but they understand that from each mistake they learn, grow and become stronger. For others mistakes paralyze them, even the fear of making mistakes paralyzes them, thus stopping them from pushing themselves and reaching new levels of performance.

The saying it is not about how often you fall but how many times you get back up is right on the mark. I am at a point in my life right now where many people look at me and my life and think wow, she is smart, athletic and has her life together. How I got to where I am was not easy and had a lot of obstacles. I have a double Masters, and graduated with distinction, so many people who meet me today think that school is just easy for me, it was far from it. I grew up with a learning disability, and at one point my reading level was well below my grade level. I struggled a lot in school, always having to work extremely hard for okay grades. I had so many tutors and was always encouraged by my teachers to go in for extra help. My parents never thought I would go beyond my undergrad for school, because it wasn’t something I really enjoyed because of how difficult it was at times. Now it would not surprise anyone if I went and did my PhD.

It was the same for hockey, I showed promise early on, but I got cut from my first team when I was 11, and got cut again from a Provincial Team (equivalent to State team) in high school. I was not the flashiest player, and most of my teammates seemed to get more recognition then me, but I never stopped working, and eventually surpassed many to reach a level that not many can claim they have been to.

When I was younger I thought things were just a lot harder for me, and it did get to me a lot, which is one of the reasons I do what I do now, to help kids understand that struggle is good, and provide the support needed to help get through it. I am where I am today because of my struggles and how it forced me to work hard and learn more about myself and how to adapt to my circumstances to still get the most out of myself. With my learning disability, it is still there but I hardly notice it, because I have learned to adapt and it doesn’t impact me as much as it used to. So every time you fall or make a mistake think that you are taking another step closer to your goals and dreams. If you don’t let them stop you or slow you down you will look back and know they were a major part of where you end up.

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To your success,

Kate Allgood