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How do you Develop Internal Motivation?

Developing Internal Motivation

Motivation is something everyone wants more of and knows the importance to performance, internal motivation especially. So what does internal motivation really look like and how do you develop it? There are a lot of different insights out there on internal motivation and how best to develop, some even say you can’t develop it, as someone either has it or they don’t. I think there is a middle ground where on one hand you can’t develop internal motivation because it has to come from the person and their own desires, and what drives them, I can’t instill that in someone, but I can help someone uncover it. So on one hand developing internal motivation is about uncovering rather then developing, helping someone to tap into their own internal reasons for doing something and helping them identify it and keep it top of mind to continue to have the energy they need to tackle what comes along.


Purpose is a big part of internal motivation. Someone needs a strong purpose. The purpose needs to be greater than the pain one will go through. Finding a purpose requires internal work, knowing your why and understanding yourself, and your values. No one can figure that out for you, but there are ways to help you figure it out for yourself. You need to ask yourself what is your job on this planet? What is something that needs doing that you know something about, that probably won’t happen unless you take responsibility for it? This can be big and small, it can also mean doing something similar to what someone else has done but in your own way. Finding your purpose is in self reflection asking yourself questions constantly about how you want to contribute to the world. Many individuals who started very successful companies had a purpose beyond the product or service they provided, it was simply a vehicle to their purpose.

Connecting Present to Future

You also need to connect where you are with where you are going. This can be done with something called mental contrasting. Where you envision you ideal future and then look at the reality of the current obstacles that will get in your way. If you feel it is feasible for you to overcome them, then it creates a strong connection and high level of energy that allows one to take the necessary steps towards their goals. If you don’t feel they are feasible things you can overcome then you will figure out it is best to spend your time elsewhere where you have higher expectations for success. Then you need to create a high purpose environment that keeps this connection going and gives you cues constantly as to where you are going and the small actions you need to take to accomplish it. Putting things into action is key, and one of the hardest things for someone to do once they have their purpose.

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