• Kate Allgood

How best to support your child in sports

How parents can best support their children in Sports

While I have covered this before, it has been a while and now have a video I did on how best to support your child in sports. Parents are always looking for how to support their child during their years playing sports, and often are left feeling like they don’t know what to do. I am going to break it down into three parts. Before, during and after competitions.


Before competition children are looking for some pretty basic things to help support them. Feed them, get them


During a competition especially if a team sport, a child is looking for their parents to not only support them but their teammates. They want to feel like their parents are not just watching them, but watching the event and enjoying it. When they feel like a parent is paying extra special attention on them, which I know seems normal given it is their parent, they feel more pressure. They want to feel like the parent is there supporting them and watching them but not just watching them. This was they feel less subconscious about making mistakes.


Afterwards is when it becomes very individualized to the child. However, it is important to talk with and figure outwit your child is wanting from you. Children don’t want blind praise, what I mean by that is praise all the time no matter what is happening. Eventually they will believe you are just saying nice things because they are your kid and will no longer really accept what you say. They also don’t want high criticism, they know what they did wrong or a coach has told them. Some children will want you to give them advice others will not. It is up to you to ask you child what they want from you.