• Kate Allgood

High Performance Tip: How to get more feedback

Tip on Feedback for High Performers

High performance athletes need feedback. It helps them tremendously to learn, grow and develop. The more feedback the better. It is one of the keys to getting into the zone, to gaining mastery and becoming an expert. Due to the importance of feedback I wanted to provide a tip on how you can get more feedback. This can be done through video. Let’s say you are a hockey player.

How this would work is if you are a left winger for example, you would pick the player on the ice for one of the teams who is the left winger, and in certain situations pause the game and think about what you would do as the left winger in that situation. Then un pause the game and see what they decide. Right away this gives you a great deal of information for where you are at and what you need to learn as a player, and at the same time is teaching you what you need to do if your decision was different from the person on the video or perhaps that you made a good decision if they end up making not the best decision.

You can do this with many different sports, where you are learning from experts, and getting the feedback you need in order to continue to develop as an athlete. I can’t stress enough how important feedback is and this technique is a very powerful way to get more feedback and from people who are highly skilled in the arena you are performing in.