• Kate Allgood

Great Sports Performances: The keys to how they unfold

Great sports performances are amazing things to watch unfold in front of your eyes. People will talk about how great sports performance occur but many don’t truly understand what it really comes down to make them happen. During the World Cup this year, there were a few of these moments. It has been argued to be one of the best World Cups due to all the last minute goals scored. It was very exciting as a fan to watch! 

How these moments unfold come from all the years and years of hard work, practice and dedication those athletes have spent to be ready for the moment when they could be the ones to deliver and create a memorable sports moment. I tell my athletes all the time every day they train they are preparing for that moment. If however they don’t train to the best of their ability then it might pass them by. You never know when the moment will arise when you are the one to be called upon to make a big play in a big moment, and if you are waiting for that moment to come to have what it takes to be able to perform in it, then you won’t. You need to already have the confidence, focus, dedication, skill, work ethic, etc that is needed to be that athlete.

About a 5 years ago ESPN published an article on the Seahawks and their different approach to the game and their players. They have truly integrated the philosophies that those in the field of sport psychology preach to their clients on a regular basis. One of the reasons it has been such a success is the fact that the leader of the team, Russell Wilson, has bought into it, and goes beyond what the organization itself does, but sees a sports psychologist himself regularly. His willingness to work on himself with regards to his mind, and explore his capabilities and potential, is what sets him apart at such a young age, and has led to some amazing sports performances during his career so far. It is this work behind the scenes that allow him to be so calm under pressure. To have such belief in himself and his teammates, that there is no doubt in his mind that the team can win even when it looks like the odds are against them.

He is an example for how to approach your job and life. He illustrates three things every leader should possess.

  1. Composure

  2. Leads by example

  3. Preparation 

To learn more about the importance of these three things, check out this article on how other leaders can learn from Wilson.

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