• Kate Allgood

Focus on the details to improve sports performance

Focus on the details to improve sports performance comes from the saying how you do one thing is how you do everything. Many people focus so much on big goals, or big results that they fail to pay attention to the small details of their life and performance. How someone approaches and does the small things in life will tell me a lot about how they are doing with the bigger things. Let’s use an example. Let’s talk about reliability for the sake of creating an example. People want to be seen as reliable, and have reliable performance (consistent). However, they often are unreliable with themselves on the small seemingly insignificant day to day things. If you can’t rely on yourself to do small things,  how will you trust yourself to be reliable when it really counts?


Each moment of our lives prepares us for the moment we are wishing or hoping for. You want to be reliable in the big game and come through, then you need to be doing so each and every day of your life. Otherwise you are not building up the trust and confidence in yourself you need in order to be prepared for when that moment comes. We don’t know when that moment will come, all we can control is how prepared we are when that moment presents itself. What I am talking about when I say that moment, is the game winning goal, getting a scholarship, winning the championship. We all have something we are wanting, striving for. We want to be the hero, the one who has the game winning shot on our hands, but we fail to see right in front of us what we can do so that we are as prepared as possible for that moment. It could happen tomorrow or 10 years from now. We never know when it will come our way to display our talent and be in the limelight for a bit. All we can do is be ready.

To your success,