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Deep Practice: How to learn a skill fast

Learn to work at a new level of depth to get better quicker

Deep practice/work is a concept that is gaining popularity and fast. The reason for this is that our world is making this skill extremely valuable. This is because our world is full of distractions, and getting worse. Especially for the generation that has grown up with cellphones and social media. Our relationship with technology can actually change the wiring in our brains to no longer focus to the depth we need to excel, learn a skill quickly and work efficiently. Before I go into why let’s define deep practice/work.

Deep practice/work: A state of distraction free concentration where you are working at the edges of your abilities, pushing your cognitive capabilities, where by putting yourself into a position to make mistakes, if attended to properly, will allow you to become smarter fast.

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Those who are able to not let this happen will be the ones who succeed. They will be the ones who are indispensable. So changing your relationship with your cellphone is a must. I’m not saying cellphones are bad or social media, but you have to ask yourself what role does it play in your life and is it benefiting you in a way that will help you achieve your goals? If you like going on social media, that is fine, just maybe turn off notifications and only have set times you look at it.

Cellphones and distractions also create a low level of constant anxiety, that many people feel. I know for myself if I am surfing the web, I feel less ability to focus, so I try to not do it before clients or in between, because it allows me to be truly present and find myself performing my tasks at a higher level.

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