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Confidence and Mental Performance: Sum of Small Successes

Confidence is a topic I talk a lot about with clients. It is something to always look at, finding the balance between not too much and too little. Many times when clients are looking for confidence the look outwardly. They look for the big success they have had or hope to have. The problem with this approach is that the feelings generated by the wins, trophies or accolades don't last, and then you are continually trying to chase the same feeling again.

When we look at confidence it is better to set yourself up to have small success day in and day out. This is where confidence really comes from. Set small process based goals, and continually seeing yourself achieve things and moving onto the next step. Too often we get caught up in the big picture that we fail to see the small success.

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One of the ways you can do this is through your own reliability with yourself. When you tell yourself you are going to do something do it. No matter how small it is. The builds self trust and with it confidence. If you say you are going to wake up at 6 am tomorrow to go for a run or go hit some golf balls, then do it. Or be honest with yourself and get the sleep you need. I was talking to a client about this the other day, and one of the issues for him was just getting up out of bed to go hit some golf balls. Once he was up and did he felt great, and it was a great way to start his day. So we started looking at why it was difficult sometimes for him to get up. The main reason was tired, and not getting enough sleep. So we talked about going to bed early, and when he couldn't to just be honest with himself that his sleep was more important that day.

We then also looked at ways to help him just get his feet on the floor and out of bed. So I suggested to him, move his alarm so that he would have to get up to go turn it off. This very simple change, now allows him to more easily get up, once he is out of bed, the rest is easy.

So figure out what holds you back, and what simple changes you can make to make sure you are following through with the things you need to increase your reliability, self trust and confidence. Remember it is not in one big moment you gain confidence, but in the small seemingly insignificant moments each day.

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