• Kate Allgood


Confidence is a choice. Every single day we make a choice to either act in ways the exude confidence or shrink down. Those who are appear confident have simply learned and apply certain behaviors that help them not only look but feel more confidence. How we carry our body, speak and generally act all play a part in our confidence. There is a saying out there “fake it till you make it”. A lot of the time we won’t feel confident but we can behave in ways that portray confidence and actually will eventually make us feel and believe in our own confidence. Here are 3 easy things you can do now to help increase your confidence:


1. Stand up tall with your head high – We can tell a lot about how confident a person is by how they carry their body. The more open your carry your body generally the more confident you are. The more closed your body is the less confident you are. 

2. Speak slowly – We all know the more nervous we are the faster we talk, so if you consciously slow down how fast you are talking, you will appear to be confident and your mind will eventually pick up on it. 

3. Say you don’t know – confident individuals know they don’t know everything. If you don’t know something speak up.