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Building Mental Toughness in Sports: Unveiling your Potential

Building Mental Toughness in Sports

Mental toughness in sports is not just one thing. I have mentioned this a number of times that being mentally tough is not a singular characteristic, it is combination of things. One of the ways to look at mental toughness is the ability to get through the discomfort, pain and uncertainty that will exist on your path as an athlete. There is no doubt these things will occur.

A lot of the time we are looking forward to this person and athlete we want to become, when really you already have the potential within you, at least on the mental side, so rather it is about unlocking that potential rather than becoming it. How this ties into mental toughness, is when we realize we have the potential to be the best version of ourselves in a moment, we focus more on that moment, instead of thinking about who we need to become.

Our ability to be present, to stay focused in the moment, helps us get through the uncertainty, pain and discomfort. When we are present in a moment, there is less of it, because those three things exist in the future. The future is unknown and that creates a lot of psychological stress at times. So when we can focus on being the potential and unveiling what we have in a moment we have more mental toughness. It allows us to make a choice about how we want to handle a situation, what we can do, what is really in our control. You have the ability to choose how you respond to each moment, this is one of the things you have full control over. But if you are too caught up in the future and who you are trying to be, you lose the ability to be your full potential in that moment.

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