• Kate Allgood

Accept your role on a sports team to set yourself apart

Being a good teammate on a sports team

Today I wanted to take about the importance of accepting your role on your sports team to separate yourself from the pack. One of my fondest memories of playing hockey growing up is a season I had with a very special team I was on. It was special because we only lost 3 games that entire year and won the championship. Beyond that though, the atmosphere on the team was special. Every person on that team knew, accepted and embraced the role they played. And my coach was good at helping to do so, and helping each girl take pride in what they had to offer and how they fit within the team.

You see one of the most important aspects of being a good team player, of helping your team and be a player that coaches want on their team, comes from the attitude a person has from the role they play. Everyone wants to be the star player, the one who scores the goals or is the star on defense. However, not every player can be. Especially when you get to college. Every person who is on a team in college was most likely one of the better players for their team in high school. However, not everyone can continue to be that person in college. What I saw with my experience in college, is that those that were designated as more role players, didn’t like it, and had bad attitudes. It impacted their play, the atmosphere of the team, and how the coaches viewed them.

Every person as a role to play, and each role is just as important as the next. That is what makes up a team. You are only as strong as the weakest link. When you take pride in your role and do it to the best of your ability you help the team, yourself and find more joy in the game.

So if you play a team sport ask yourself what is your role and why is it important for the team as a whole. The more you can focus on your role and do it as best you can you allow others to do the same, and the team is stronger for it.