• Kate Allgood

3 Keys to Trigger a Flow State

Flow State: How to achieve peak performance

If you are looking to reach peak levels within your performance you have come to the right place. This is blog we are going to talk about 3 internal triggers of a flow state. Flow is something that is also called “the zone” and can actually be trained and worked on so you can more frequently and effectively enter this state to achieve peak levels of performance. Flow is about being completely in the present moment, and the triggers described below are ways of helping you get into the present moment.

3 Internal Triggers of Flow

  1. Clear goals: The important part of this is the CLEAR. This makes the goal have more clarity associated with it which is important. When choosing a clear goal when entering into a practice, training or competition. You want the goal to be controllable, manageable, and action oriented. For example, hockey players might have the goal to keep their feet moving during the first period of the game. Why this is a good goal, is they can control it, the goal is just about the first period not the entire game, it is action oriented, and they would know if they are moving their feet or not. This also gives the player something to focus on, which allows the conscious mind to not interfere and just allow the player to let everything just happen, to get into a good place to just read and react, rather than overthinking things.

  2. Immediate feedback: the more feedback the better. When we get immediate feedback we are more likely to be able to learn and self correct. To make the adjustments necessary. Obviously a part of this is to take the feedback with a neutral mind, meaning it is not good or bad. Often times we miss out of the benefit of feedback because we let our negative mind get in the way, and interfere with just taking action on the feedback.

  3. Skill/challenge ratio: The skill/challenge ratio, is about making the challenge of the task high, but also making sure our confidence in our skill set to take on that challenge is also high. When one or both are low, we can’t get into a state of flow. Challenges make us focus more, but we need the confidence so we are not doubting out abilities and making our self talk the primary focus we have.

A big part of our work is helping clients get into a state of flow. If you want to find out more contact us.