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3 Keys to Mental Training for Peak Performance in Athletes

Mental Training for Peak Performance

Mental training for peak performance can look at a number of different areas within the world of sport psychology. In this article I wanted to look at 3 things that need to be integrated together in order to help someone take the information and fully put it into motion. These three things are motivation, mindset, and methods.

We need all three things in order to really be able to develop our mental game. If we have two out of the three then we aren’t able to take the information we have and apply it or we can’t sustain it. For example, if we have the mindset and motivation we need we are inspired, but that doesn’t usually lead to us actually doing anything because we don’t know what to do. We don’t have the methods. If we have the motivation and methods then we have the ability to implement things but does our attitude or mindset get in the way of that implementation? If we have the mindset and methods then we know what is possible but it just stays an idea, we don’t have the motivation to push it forward.

So we need all three aspects in order to have the right mindset, the motivation to push things forward and sustain it, and then have the methods that will actually help us. Often I see people have the mindset and motivation but don’t have the methods. They don’t know what to do, and then their effort isn’t getting them the results they need. It is important to have the methods. This is a big reason why people come and see me for working one on one and why I created an online course for those who can’t see me one on one for whatever reason or want a full VIP experience while working with me one one one and also utilizing the course. The action part of the equation usually gets left out.

So what part of these three things do you hav? Do you have them all? Or do you need to develop one of them to fully be able to develop and utilize your mental game.

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